After the Storm – A night of storytelling in the tradition of ‘The Moth’- July 31st, 2021

Run in the style of New York’s ‘The Moth’.

Supported by the Adelaide Hills Council | Part of Winter Words 2021

You may have heard of New York’s, ‘The Moth’, where storytellers tell their real-life stories after being curated by a professional. We are fortunate to have author, Rachael Mead as our published author. She is working with storytellers through the month of July helping them to prepare their stories for July 31st at Bridgewater Arts Centre.

There are ‘Moth’ chapters throughout Australia, and we are hoping that this is the start of a regular ‘Moth’ chapter in South Australia.  Come share with us as a very old tradition is established again in the Adelaide Hills.

Interested in what the evenings look like?  Check out The Moth Facebook pages:

PERFORMANCE: Saturday 31 July, 7:30pm – 9:30pm


We are all storytellers. It’s part of being human, but we don’t often get the chance to tell our stories to a listening audience in a sculptured, measured manner.

Author, Rachael Mead

Adelaide Hills Council, as part of Winter Words 2021, has commissioned author, Rachael Mead to assist storytellers – ordinary and wonderful people like you – craft and present their stories in just ten minutes.

Rachael’s debut novel, The Application of Pressure was published by Affirm Press in 2020 and has received stunning reviews.

  • “Mead brings precision, empathy and an engaging sense of place (with a) full spectrum of emotion, tone and effect.” The Advertiser
  • “Insightful, jaw-dropping, hilarious, horrifying.” Mike Hopkins
  • “Authentic and original.” Peter Goldsworthy



Bridgewater Arts Centre
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Examples from The Moth – New York

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