April 6th, 2019 Nice Verdes and Subtle Bricks

A different format for this night – a lively band and a comedy theatre company.

Nice Verdes

Indie World Troubadours- performing and Travelling together since 2003. Drawing from the sounds of Cuba, Africa, Colombia and more to create their own style of Rootsy Highlife.They have performed in Australia, Canada, Colombia,New Zealand, Europe and Guatemala. Having released three albums, Succulence’ in 2008, ‘Brontosaurus in 2014 and ‘ Bouquet of birds’ in 2016 and are set to release their 4th this year. The music of Nice Verdes is uplifting and sunny, with combinations of Cuban Tres, accordions, guitar, harmonica and vocal harmonies. They have always been drawn to collaborating with artists from all countries and they enjoy most of all the parties and festivals that celebrate a strong sense of community and equality in diversity.

Triple J review: “Nice Verdes have a fresh approach to the piano accordion and guitar. Playing uplifting songs with a world beat influence. Having travelled studying and playing music they bring to the stage a new fusion of traditional songs.”

Scene from Subtle Bricks skit

Subtle Bricks Theatre Company, in some form or another, has been performing sketches in Churches in South Australia for around 23 years. We are not professional actors or writers, but over the years the members of Subtle Bricks have come from a wide range of backgrounds: students, teachers, nurses, toolmakers, Uniting Church ministers, civil engineers . . . even a funeral director! The thing we all share is a passion for the Gospel, for performing and working together to create something good. Our purpose in this is twofold: to make people think, and to make people laugh!

We’re not about trying to neatly answer everyone’s deep theological questions, rather our sketches tend to ASK the questions. Questions like: “what does this story or parable really mean?”, “how would it have been looked upon by the people at the time?”, “what do I believe about this?”, and “how does it affect the way I live and relate to people?”

As we grow older (and hopefully more mature) the number of questions we ask about our faith and ourselves has increased and a lot of the thoughts and ideas expressed in the sketches that we write have sprung from our own experiences. Most of the sketches that we perform are written from within the group. We also perform other published material from the likes of Stephen Deal, Adrian Plass, Riding Lights and Footprints Theatre Companies.

Bricks will be cobbling together a large number of sketches to perform a kind of Review at Bridgewater Arts Centre.

The sketches are about the silly, clumsy and incongruous things we all do and it’s a healthy thing to laugh at ourselves. The Church is not immune from this and we need to learn to see the funny side of what we are and how we go about what we do. God’s sense of humour is where we got ours from! JS Hudson

Doors open: 7:00pm
Show begins: 7:30pm (120mins including supper)
Tickets from Eventbrite $15 adult, $10 concession, children to 12 years free.

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