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April 6th, 2019 Nice Verdes and Subtle Bricks

A different format for this night – a lively band and a comedy theatre company. Indie World Troubadours- performing and Travelling together since 2003. Drawing from the sounds of Cuba, Africa, Colombia and more to create their own style of Rootsy Highlife.They have performed in Australia, Canada, Colombia,New Zealand, Europe and Guatemala. Having released three albums, Succulence’ in 2008, ‘Brontosaurus in 2014 and ‘ Bouquet of birds’ in 2016 and are set to release their 4th this year. The music of Nice Verdes is uplifting and sunny, with combinations of Cuban Tres, accordions, guitar, harmonica and vocal harmonies. They have always been drawn to collaborating with artists from all countries and they enjoy most of all the parties and festivals that celebrate a strong sense of community and equality in diversity.

Gigs in 2019 – Bridgewater Arts Centre

This is what our concert schedule looks like this year at this stage (Feb 2019): Feb 16th: Ziggy, Richard Palmer, Adrienne Lovelock and Peter Day April 6th: Nice Verdes and Subtle Bricks Theatre Company June 15th: Birds of a Feather, Iron Dwarf Sept 14th: Chloe Warwich and Moonta Street Project November 9th: Jacob Arthur, Peter and Kerry Arthur (Yes, one family – multiple acts)(Maybe even a combined band)

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