‘Blister’ – play reading with Sarah Peters

Saturday 16th October 2021, 5-6:15pm Bridgewater Arts Centre – 507 Mount Barker Road, Bridgewater SA

As part of Bridgewater Arts Centre’s Festival of Pilgrimage, Sarah Peters conveys her experience of the Camino and the people she met.

“You’re following little yellow arrows across a country, which is kind of crazy”.

In 2016, playwright Sarah Peters walked the Camino de Santiago, an 800-kilometre hike across Northern Spain that has been travelled by pilgrims for centuries.

She went to discover the stories of other adventurers – but she also had to confront her own. Drawn from encounters with real people walking ‘The Way’, Blister explores what happens when daily life is reduced to a 10 kilo pack, a pair of boots, and a series of yellow arrows pointing you in the right direction…most of the time.

“The central protagonist in Blister, Rosie, is based primarily on Sarah Peters’ experience with a bit of creative licence taken here and there. The play is not so much about her as it is about the people she meets, the stories that were shared, and the humanity she experienced. For me personally, walking the Camino was an incredible experience that has made me see the world and myself a little differently, and that’s part of what I hope to achieve in telling this story through theatre.”

Sarah Peters is a playwright, theatre practitioner and Lecturer in Drama at Flinders University. Her plays engage with communities to tell the shared stories of experience, such as women living with Alopecia in bald heads & blue stars (2014), young people navigating mental health and wellbeing in twelve2twentyfive (2013, 2015) and growing up in small rural towns in Eternity(2017).

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