Rustflower and Jacob Arthur

Rustflower bring to life the stories and characters of Australia, (and the occasional love song), wrapped up in catchy melodies and harmonies.

A feature of Rustflower is the shared song writing and vocals by Pete and Kerrie Arthur, giving Rustflower its great diversity.  Pete’s earthy voice and story-telling style sits well in the camp of other Australian story tellers like Paul Kelly and Shane Howard.  With insightful life observations, Pete sees life from a new angle and colour.

November 9th 2019, 7:30pm

Bridgewater Arts Centre, at Bridgewater Uniting Church – 407 Mount Barker Road, Bridgewater South Australia 5155


Kerrie writes from an open heart, her stories and honesty invite you in.  With a smooth, warm voice and powerful harmonies, she locks in quickly with the listener as they relate to her lyrics and emotions.

Pete and Kerrie have spent over 10 years on the road together, performing anywhere from bars to rodeo’s.  Armed with an acoustic guitar, two voices and percussion, they create a great energy one moment, then easily drop down to a small, intimate sound.

Come with Rustflower as they take you on a journey and create a friendship to last a lifetime.

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M:  0428 196 001

Jacob Arthur is a young musician from the south of Adelaide. He spent his formative years on the road with his family in a caravan, playing shows and doing schoolwork in the back of songwriting sessions in remote indigenous communities. Releasing his first original EP’s at age 6 and 11, He is now releasing material with his rock-band Ripcord, a one off experimental side project Black & Blue and a record of instrumental finger-picking is on its way next!

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