Sue Baker and the Sourdoughs, supported by Elliot Litchfield and Kirrily May – Sept 1st, 2:30pm

The Sourdoughs are a SA band, lightly kneaded into a delicious chewy loaf led by baker, Sue.
Sue Baker is a long-standing SA songwriter with 2 solo albums under her belt. She loves her little Maton acoustic guitar & leads on vocals. The other Sourdough slices are Ron Vanderzwan on drums, Nigel Sweeting on bass, Ashley Turner on fiddle & Adam Threapleton on harmonica. Fresh or toasted, The Sourdoughs are a tasty treat!

Elliot Litchfield is a guitarist and songwriter. He has a love for a simple melody with truth behind it, and plays with a relaxed, lyrical style on the guitar. He also plays with a frantic panic on most other instruments, so we’ll stick with the guitar. Hopefully what he has to offer will bring you some joy.

I’ve asked my friend Kirrily to join me, who has an instagram page because she’s actually good at this.

You’ll find Bridgewater Arts Centre at 407 Mt Barker Road, Bridgewater SA 5155.

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