Telling truth – an exhibition of Art by Colin Clarke

An exhibition of art by Colin Clarke – an “old white guy” finding truth, peace and moving towards reconciliation.

7-16 March, 2024 Free entry

Thursday 7th March – 10am-4pm
Friday 8th March – 10am-4pm
Saturday 9th March – 10am-4pm
Sunday 10th March – 12-4pm

Thursday 14th March – 10am-4pm
Friday 15th March – 10am-4pm
Saturday 16th March – 10am-4pm

This is a link to a video of Colin describing one of his pieces of art: Our Massacres at an exhibition in Western Australia in 2018.

Colin describes his work, Our Massacres at an exhibition in Western Australia in 2018.

“I started painting in the early 2000s to express the natural wonders, stories, events, and social justice issues that I experienced while travelling Australia. The social justice issues “focused to become the injustices that we the colonisers created in this land.” This journey of awakening has led me to acknowledge the injustices as being true, and to own them as being part of my country’s cultural history. In so doing it allowed my journey to start toward the healing of relationships with the First Nations People, and with the land, fauna, and flora I now call home.”

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