Melody Pool at Bridgewater Arts Centre in September

Sat 17th September 7:30-9:30pm. Doors open at 7pm. Drinks and nibbles available earlier.

After delivering one of the most acclaimed Australian debut albums of recent times The Hurting Scene, Melody Pool returned in 2016 with her stunning sophomore album Deep Dark Savage Heart.

Deep Dark Savage Heart painted a dark insight into a personal place in Melody’s mind; guiding the listener to confronting depths “I feel like I’ve really stood my ground with this record. I don’t ever want to make an album filled with pop hits. It’s always going to be me playing guitar and singing the truth”.

Following the release tour for Deep Dark Savage Heart, Melody went on to share a more literal account of her experiences when she featured on Australian Story in 2017. At this time, Melody announced she was to take a break from music to focus on rehabilitating her mental health.

During her time off, Melody focused on writing her third studio album which she’s self-produced and recorded on her home on a 160 acre farm in regional NSW. It draws on her recovery and progress and also the angst and pain experienced along the way

In 2021, Melody Pool announced her awaited return with new music penning its way into her sets as she toured the east coast playing to sold out rooms, exploring a new and re-birthed brilliance hinting at subjects of empowerment, resurgence and uprising.

Melody Pool is a criminally under-appreciated artist. – Herald

Australian Story on Melody Pool – ABC TV

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